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Best World Cup 2014 Ad

Forget best World Cup advert of the summer. The new Nike commercial is perhaps a contender for best World Cup ad of all time.

Transporting you back to a time when you were a child, running across the park pretending you were Eric Cantona, or Chris Waddle, or Lee Bowyer – OK maybe not quite him – the new advert’s star-studded line up can’t help but get you excited for the big tournament, no matter how old you are.

The ad instantly went viral when it was uploaded to YouTube just a month ago and has already racked up over 66 million views, the highest Nike have ever received on the channel. It’s been the talk of pubs, offices, and of course schools across the country.

Landing on April 25th, the advert received over two thousand retweets upon first post by Nike Football, whilst Nike pro Zlatan Ibrahimovic earned an extra three and a half thousand when he posted the video.

Although it’s unsurprising. Nike is a marketing powerhouse and every four years tries to produce something special ahead of the World Cup. In 2010, we had the ‘Write the Future’ campaign, which saw Wayne Rooney as a tramp. In 2006, it was all …

Worst World Cup 2014 Ad

If only we would have known…

It turns out that all England have needed to win a penalty shoot-out is soft shimmering hair. Or at least that’s what this ad appears to be suggesting.

All Chris Waddle had to do was nip into the shower room before blasting the ball over the bar and bringing tears to poor Gazza’s eyes. He could have avoided it all and sent England marching into the World Cup final, if only… if only he had Head & Shoulders.

Luckily for us, Joe Hart has! Although we can’t actually work out if he saves the penalty in their new World Cup campaign, which has been trying to gear us up for the tournament during Coronation Street breaks.

It’s Hart’s second outing as a Head and Shoulders ambassador, and it’s just as dodgy as the first. Premiering in January of this year, Hart goes down injured, only for the magic sponge to be a bottle of shampoo whilst the physio proceeds to do his hair, and most probably talk about their holidays.

It’s 30 seconds of uncomfortable TV, and this one is no different.

“After everything that’s been said, all eyes are on me.

“The weight of the …