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Posted on July 26, 2013

Nordstrom Nail It With In-Store Pinterest Integration

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It is very common these days to see certificates in hotels and restaurants boasting of their TripAdvisor and Yelp ratings, as it gives customers the proof they need that others socially value the service or product received. But what is the equivalent for retail? Yup, that’s right – Pinterest.

Fashion is one of the industries that Pinterest works perfectly with – a match made in heaven. With fashionistas across the world spending hours on end creating outfits from the images of clothes online, and pinning their favourite items for when pay day rolls around, there was an opportunity not to be missed.

American department store, Nordstrom, have taken offline and online integration to a new level and brought Pinterest to life. Now 13 Nordstrom stores across America have started labelling some of their pieces as “Top Pinned Items” using the familiar Pinterest logo on the label.

Pinterest Bag

The idea of this is that shoppers in their store are alerted to which items are the most popular on the company Pinterest page. Nordstrom’s Pinterest has approximately 4.5 million followers on Pinterest and is the 2nd most popular brand after L. L Bean, this ensures that the top pins are giving a very accurate presentation of what styles women are currently into.

It’s a very simple process for the staff to take on as it gives them a helping hand in understanding what is most likely to sell best in their stores and what fashion trends are currently the most popular.

The Corporate Affairs rep Colin Johnson at Nordstrom told the Huffington Post:

“It’s our fastest-growing social channel, so we wanted to integrate the feedback that we’re getting from our Pinterest community.”

Pinterest Shoes

This is a fantastic example integrating online and offline to offer the customer the best possible experience. Customers like to know how other people review products and this is a brilliant way to give them the reassurance they need before purchasing an item.

Congratulations Nordstrom, this week you win our tasty social media slurp of the week!

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